Woah, they’re some pretty crazy cards you got there, mate!

News - Monday, April 04, 2016

There are plenty of things that make Drinkopoly the world’s best drinking game. The booze is high up there with the best reasons, but if you had to ask for a show of hands, most Drinkopoly fans would have to choose the drawcards.

Drinkopoly comes with a set of 30 cards – and true, die-had fans can actually buy another deck of 50 extra cards!

The reason why the cards are so cool is that they prompt you to do some seriously funny, mischievous and provocative stuff.

For example, you may be asked to kiss any player, text an ex, wrestle the leader, simulate your favorite sexual position or sit under the table for a few rounds.

That’s just some of the whacky challenges.


Have a look for yourself, and tell us what you think on Facebook – Drinkopoly Australia. Or better yet, just order your Drinkopoly set now – and don’t forget to include the extra 50 cards – they are even crazier on a new level of crazy!


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