Dude, what the heck is Drinkopoly?

News - Monday, April 04, 2016

Getting to know Drinkopoly – the world’s blurriest game!

Have you ever heard about Drinkopoly, maybe seen it on someone’s Facebook page before, or even played it but were too drunk to remember? Well, not to worry, this video clip was created just for you.

Have a geeze, it only takes a minute to find out what Drinkopoly is all about and why it is the fastest-selling drinking boardgame going around these days.

It’s got everything. A bunch of friends. A game. Alcohol. Funny and crazy challenges. Heaps of laughs. And did we mention alcohol? Yeps, plenty of that, but do be careful, we all have our limitations and if you reach yours, chuck some water into the mix. You don’t wanna knock yourself out of the game before everybody starts going wild.

Now, just sit back, pay attention and get your friends around to have a game.




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