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Slovaks take their Drinkopoly drinking game very seriously

Sexy Slovaks take Drinkopoly very seriously

It’s no secret that the world’s best drinking game, Drinkopoly, is hugely popular in Eastern Europe – mostly because theys make up a giant contingent of tourists flocking to the Croatian seaboard (where Drinkopoly actually originated, if anybody is wondering) and that’s where they first stumbled across the game – AND SIMPLY JUST HAD TO HAVE IT!

Luckily for Drinkopoly fans, Slovaks and their Czech neighbours, among other Eastern Europeans, are one of the sexiest girls around the planet and when they decide to make a video of themselves playing Drinkopoly, well, it’s hard to not stay glued to your seat.

In the clip below, we have a pair of friends playing Drinkopoly in a random bar, completely indifferent to their surroundings, ’cause that’s what happens when you immerse yourself in Drinkopoly, the world around you just fades into static and all you can see is your favorite drink, on the table, waiting to be devoured. The only thing that stands between you and a good, long sip is the board and cards. Hopefully you get an easy task, which allows you to get stuck into your booze, rather than fight your way through some crazy test, daring challenge or embarrassing plot.

Buried deep in the stack of cards are some that may require you to take off an item of clothing or drink. Depending on where you are in the world, your courage level, or your level of intoxication, you may want to rip off some textiles to cope with the rising heat. As you will see in the video, Slovak girls have no problem with sweaty armpits, they love to get off those extra layers.

But don’t trust us, take a look for yourself, these Slovak girls take their Drinkopoly very seriously and it’s soft on the eyes.




Woah, they’re some pretty crazy cards you got there, mate!

There are plenty of things that make Drinkopoly the world’s best drinking game. The booze is high up there with the best reasons, but if you had to ask for a show of hands, most Drinkopoly fans would have to choose the drawcards.

Drinkopoly comes with a set of 30 cards – and true, die-had fans can actually buy another deck of 50 extra cards!

The reason why the cards are so cool is that they prompt you to do some seriously funny, mischievous and provocative stuff.

For example, you may be asked to kiss any player, text an ex, wrestle the leader, simulate your favorite sexual position or sit under the table for a few rounds.

That’s just some of the whacky challenges.


Have a look for yourself, and tell us what you think on Facebook – Drinkopoly Australia. Or better yet, just order your Drinkopoly set now – and don’t forget to include the extra 50 cards – they are even crazier on a new level of crazy!


Dude, what the heck is Drinkopoly?

Getting to know Drinkopoly – the world’s blurriest game!

Have you ever heard about Drinkopoly, maybe seen it on someone’s Facebook page before, or even played it but were too drunk to remember? Well, not to worry, this video clip was created just for you.

Have a geeze, it only takes a minute to find out what Drinkopoly is all about and why it is the fastest-selling drinking boardgame going around these days.

It’s got everything. A bunch of friends. A game. Alcohol. Funny and crazy challenges. Heaps of laughs. And did we mention alcohol? Yeps, plenty of that, but do be careful, we all have our limitations and if you reach yours, chuck some water into the mix. You don’t wanna knock yourself out of the game before everybody starts going wild.

Now, just sit back, pay attention and get your friends around to have a game.




Drinkopoly releases new video clip

Drinkopoly team in Switzerland releases new video

The Drinkopoly team in Switzerland has been busy getting their social game off the ground with the release of a great new video clip.

The aim of video clips these days is akin to strategy involved in buying a lottery ticket. We all want to win the jackpot, or in terms of social media, we all want to create a viral video.

How much work is involved in creating a viral video is unknown, as we simply don’t know the magical ingredient – even though we do have a few tactics to grow our viewership and raise awareness.

Let’s see how our video clip goes. By all means share it, as it takes one small flake to create an avalanche.

Congratulations Swiss team!